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Selling Tips

Ten Top Tips for selling your home

1. Presentation – External

Always remember First Impressions Count! When your property is on the market is it on show 7 days a week.  Interested buyers will drive past at all hours so make your home look it’s best at all times, excellent street appeal is important. Weed your gardens, have the lawns mowed and keep the yard free of items that could be stored neatly elsewhere.  Your high expectation sets a standard that invites inspections.

2. Presentation – Internal

Free your home from clutter!  Clear benches, kitchen tables, bathrooms even your laundry of items that are not essential to the operation of that area.  Clutter can make an area appear smaller than it actually is.

3. Let the light in.

Open your curtains, doors and windows to allow as much light as possible to enter your property.  If you have a dark area use a lamp or a complimentary style of lighting that creates atmosphere and warmth.  Everyone likes a sunny, warm home.

4. Open your home up.

Can you increase the size of your home without moving the walls? Yes you can.  Open areas of your home by removing items that reduce the floor space.  Remove excess furniture and items that appear to make a room smaller than it actually is.

5. Smells

Believe it when we say ‘smell makes a difference’.  Odours from cigarettes, dampness and animals are the most recognised smells that will deter a client from pursuing a property.  Open your home to fresh air frequently and if necessary burn some fragrant oil or perhaps even bake a cake prior to having your home open for inspection.

6. Hot or cold?

During the warmer summer month’s clients will love walking into a lovely cool home or in winter months make your home warm and cosy.  The nature of your heating and cooling and the impression that it makes on the client attending the inspection is an important consideration that homebuyers assess when purchasing a home.

7. Pets

Not every person is a pet lover!  If you know that your agent will be showing a client through your home take your beloved pet for a walk or secure them so they will not jump or more importantly frighten the client.  If your pet has dug holes, perhaps chewed a fence or has litter in the yard clean and repair the items in question as ‘Presentation is Paramount”.

8. Music

Create a little ambience in your home.  A little soft music creates a relaxing environment and perhaps makes a still home more inviting.  Look to the back of your music collection and see what you can find.

9. A critical eye

Look at your home (inside and out) as though you were a buyer.  Are there items that need fixing or are in a state of disrepair? Can you touch up and improve fixtures or complete that odd job you have not had the time to attend to.  If so this is the time to do it!

10. Your expectation

The higher your expectation is of your own home will count in where and at what price the public will position your property.  Aim as high as you can to help drive and increase the purchase price of your property.